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Richland School District serves elementary age children living in the City of Shafter and outlying areas. The District operates four schools that are located in the city: Golden Oak Elementary School (K-6), Redwood Elementary School (K-6), Sequoia Elementary School (K-6) and Richland Junior High School (7-8).


The Richland School District adheres to the premise that all children can learn. The District's mission is to be consistent in empowering all schools at all grade levels in nurturing the mental, physical, social and emotional growth of all students by bringing about excellence through planned instruction, based on a CORE of knowledge in which all children should learn, that promotes a positive self, academic success, and a social consciousness that will lead toward productive citizenship.


Upon completion of Eighth Grade students attend Shafter High School which is part of the Kern High School District.





February 9th - Lincoln's Birthday:  No School
February 16th - President's Day- No School
Spring Break:  March 30th - April 6th
The District Fog Delay Information Number is 661-746-8660


Vaccination Outreach

Richland School District has no reported cases of measles


Parents/guardians can feel confident sending their children to the Richland School District schools.

Richland School District has a 99.7% measles vaccine rate throughout the District, which significantly reduces risk of Measles for all students


Richland School District Nurses are in the process of providing outreach, vaccine referrals and support to students without immunizations


Persons born before 1957 may have protection from past infection with measles.  Those between 30 – 56 years of age represent over 60 % of the current measles cases.  The Kern County Public Health Services Department recommends that adults who have not had measles disease have a total of two measles containing vaccine.


For more information about the measles, please visit

http://www.kernpublichealth.com/ or http://www.cdph.ca.gov/HealthInfo/discond/Pages/Measles.aspx.

Additionally, you may contact the Kern County Public Health Services Department (661) 321-3000 for further information.


Posted by: Esmeralda Quintana
Published: 2/13/15

21st Century Learning

Our goal is to prepare ALL Richland Students to be successful in their college and career choices. By implementing the new Common Core State Standards, the new State English Language Development Standards, and 21st Century Skills for Students, we will better prepare them to be successful in THEIR world. More information on these initiatives can be found here:

21st Century Learning in the RSD

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Today: 3/2/15


Local Control and Accountability Plan


The Richland School District Offices are physically located at:

300 N. Valley St.

Shafter, CA 93263

Our mailing address is below.


Mike Svilich, President, Area 4

Steve Mann, Clerk, Area 2

Tammy Rubio Criswell,

Member, Area 1

Deanna Rodriguez-Root,

Member, Area 3

Tony Aguirre, Area 5


The Next Regular Board Meeting will be Monday, March 9, 2015


Regular Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the Golden Oak Elementary School Cafeteria located at 195 S. Wall St., Shafter, unless otherwise noted.

For Board Agendas and Minutes Click Here

For Information on Trustee Areas Click Here